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Enhance It Boxer from Casanova

June 16, 2012 Comments off


The Enhance It Boxer is a home run from Nuwear’s Casanova brand. There are many poor attempts the boxer brief on the mens underwear market and usually it’s because designers miss-cut the leg hole or try to use cotton fabrics because it’s somewhat mainstream and cheaper to manufacture. The good designers use combinations with stretch-nylon because it contours better to the body and it’s more durable.

These boxer briefs are cut perfect and are just tight enough to sit flush around my abdomen without climbing up my butt. The pocket has plenty of room for any size man too. I would highly recommend these no matter what the occasion as these are multi-purpose. However, I’m a little skeptical of any underwear that claims to have dual use as swimwear. To me, they seem a little too thin for that but to each their own. A great pair of underwear though.

Casanova Brazilian Bikini

March 10, 2012 Comments off


I’m not normally a tanga or thong guy, for the simple fact that I’m in a car all day and this style tends to ride up. But, I added Casanova Brazilian Bikini with my normal brief order, just to try them out and boy what a surprise. They are really comfortable and didn’t move an inch. It’s almost as if you can barely feel wearing them.

The front offers modest coverage, like a brief and the back has contours your the center of your cheek and doesn’t chaff. Very stretchy nylon spandex material, so theres flexibility with the sizing. I made the mistake of drying a pair on low cycle and caused a stitching to loosen, so definitely hang dry them if you want them to last.

99% of us don’t have the models facade, but these are so durable that they be worn comfortably by any body type and the wife thought they were hot.

Even though Nuwear has them listed also as swimwear, I’m not sure I would go that far because they are a little thin. They are definitely can’t-miss underwear and certainly will be utilized as we begin warming up in the south. Enjoy!

You can find these at Nuwear


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